The Band


Bob Lynn - Bass, Vocals

Joel Dusek – Guitars, Lead Vocals


Based in Aurora, Colorado 

Music Style: 

Classic rock cover songs 60s-90s, hard rock, folk/Americana rock, bluesy rock originals, freeform jams 


Brushfire was formed in 2000 with Bob Lynn and Joel Dusek while both were contractors at Buckley AFB.  We’ve played various events on Buckley, and at many events and clubs in the Aurora and Denver area with several different drummers.  Most of our music is done in-studio now, but Joel is available for live shows as a solo acoustic set, “Brushfire Kindling”.

Brushfire enjoys performing their versions of classic rock favorites and writing original songs. We try to avoid “the usual” cover tunes songs, and mix-up our set lists with songs ranging from folk-rock ballads to heavy metal classics.


Brushfire’s name

Our name comes from the Samuel Adams quote, “…keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”  

We are Pro-America, Pro-Law Enforcement and Military, and Pro-Freedom!